Adam Allsopp's Website
This will be my central hub, so I can share all the projects I am currently working on, or have worked on
Index Page

Updating this index page with any new techniques I learn or come up with to make sure that it stays as modern and within the newest technology as much as I can.

This is a complete rewrite of the "League of Legends Champion and Skin List" website to look nicer, be more user-friendly, have more features and to generally clean up the code, as well as unifying the design around my website.
Index Page - Upgrade

I plan to rework this page to have tabbed options for each heading to make it more aesthetically pleasing, so it's not just a wall of boxes.
Champion and Skin List

A website that allows you to maintain a list of all the champions and skins you own in League of Legends.
Unknown Source 2 Project

I plan to play about with the Source 2 engine by Valve when it is released, however, I'm currently unsure of what I will try and make.